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Theatre, Marketing and Paratext

TBC Theatre is an independent theatre company based in Melbourne, with an ensemble of 16 artists.

Their latest work is an immersive theatre piece presented at The Melbourne General Cemetery.

Writer H. Clare Callow allows her story to transcend the stage and uses the digital space to provide further insight into the secrets of Mr Naismith.

theatre secret Melbourne cemetery
Image used with Permission: Image by Balloon Tree Productions. Text Design by Sarah Louise Tohill.

By introducing a ‘choose your own adventure’ element (Mr Naismith’s World: an interactive fiction) to the company’s website, the value of the production is increased.

Audience can experience the additional narrative content before the production, as a taster of whats to come. Or afterwards, as a way to further delight your audiences after they have left the show.

Similar to what Donnie Darko achieved, H. Clare Callow uses transmedia storytelling to enhance her work. Utilising the strengths of multiple platforms and digital formats to awaken different aspects of her work.

Additional narrative texts that are apart of the world of the main piece are called paratexts (remember movie trailers?).

graph paratext marketing theatre production
Created with Canva.

There are many ways to get the word out there for a production. Ultimately it’s about communicating the value of the production to your audience.

From traditional marketing to word of mouth, there are many resources in which to communicate your marketing efforts. Paratext is not only a way to extend the narrative of your production, but it is a piece of marketing in itself.

Paratext adds many levels of value.

The nature of the immersive theatre allows audiences to involve themselves in the story on a deeper level than traditional theatre. By including further elements to interact with outside of the theatrical space, the voyeur can continue to thrive on the drama.

Mr Naismith’s Secret is Sold Out, but one final performance has been announced, buy tickets here!

actor Melbourne theatre
Mr Naismith’s Secret, TBC Theatre

Now is the perfect time to get creative with marketing in theatre.

Whatever you do make sure you are always adding value for your audience,
not just focusing on their bums on your seats.


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