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My Number One Takeaway from the Content Strategy Forum

content strategy forum#CSForum16

I had the pleasure of helping out with #CSForum16 last week and the information was extremely insightful, I naturally couldn’t help but relate everything I learned into the film industry (…I love you guys so damn much).

There were so many amazing presentations and while it provided a wealth of ideas for me in terms of Content Strategy, I feel I should focus on just one highlight for now, to make this post more user friendly…

My number one takeaway was the issues and innovations around User Experience.

There was a lot of talk about the changing consumer behaviours in the online environment. The focus must always be on the needs of the consumer and that their experience will be a satisfying one.

user experience audience experience
Made with Canva.

UX generally represents how the user engages with your content online. In terms of AX in the cinematic environment, audiences will actively seek out information about a film they are interested in.

But hold up…

If you’re unsure about what the hell content strategy, content marketing and content marketing strategy mean, check out this infographic I made for Inbound Marketing agency, Connect Labs.

content strategy infographic inbound marketing connect labs
Visit the Connect Labs blog for more information

The objective is to make your content effectively represent your work and/or project. In terms of UX, the person interacting with your content needs to have an easy experience in obtaining the information they seek.

If the user struggles to find information about release date/actors/venues/session times, that is a poor UX as the content strategy should help the business communicate to its audiences.

In terms of AX, I suggest you not only provide effective and informative content but you also consider that this process may affect the audience members overall experience of the film.

When does this user become an audience member? I’m suggesting that this happens as soon as they engage with your content and you must treat them as such.

Trailers, posters and sponsored content on various social media platforms are traditional Outbound methods in advertising products.

Note: Outbound and Inbound Marketing are also the latest in marketing terminology. They also translate into the idea of ‘push’ and ‘pull’ marketing.
Read up and educate yourselves!

Research has shown that while Outbound and Push strategies have their place, they are outdated and at worst, ineffective. Especially for low budget and indie films that don’t have the budgets or the star power to encourage audiences to place value in the productions.

While captivating poster designs and a well crafted trailers will provide adequate advertising for your work, they are traditional methods of advertising, even when you share them on social media.

By relying only on traditional methods of marketing, you are short changing yourself, and your audiences.

burlesque asset entice tease marketing
Image under Creative Commons Licence: Sandra Chung . Edited through Canva.

That’s right baby, show me the goods! I want your creativity!

I’m going to assume you are active on social media, so you know what you want and need from your respective platforms. Do a bit of research in how to use them for business and then use your inherent uniqueness and creativity to find ways to enhance the AX for your film.

Your content is a key representative of your work and is the core element that helps your audience member through their buyer’s journey.

inbound marketing buyer's journey
Inbound Marketing: The Buyer’s Journey

When you begin to understand the audience as a consumer you can begin to understand their needs within your content. When you begin to understand the consumer as an audience member, you can appreciate the creative and innovative possibilities.

What are your thoughts about content and UX/AX?
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