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What Actors do on Social Media

After my interview with Will last week, it got me thinking about actors on social media…

An infographic highlighting the social media options and opportunities for actors. Plus a section Website versus Facebook
Infographic: Social Media for Actors, created on Canva

I don’t ‘Like’ actor’s Facebook pages

It must be said, I’m not a fan of actors with Facebook pages. If you have done work that earns you a following outside of people you know… sure, I can respect the need for one. Otherwise you are creating an account for the sake of creating an account and there is no need.

I prefer the idea of creating a website to showcase the work you have done and then having a blog so that your following can keep up-to-date and increase your search engine optimisation (SEO). Also updating followers on your various other social media accounts is much more effective.

Unless you are a business offering products or services, having a page seems like wasted energy, especially when you consider the ever changing Facebook algorithms. You’ll only be seen by your existing networks, unless you spend money to boost your post. You don’t actually need to do that, you can boost your own SEO by being clever and creative.

I suggest you take the time to create your own website. It can be tricky and sometimes feel like you want to smash the computer, but it’s doable. It’s one of those skills that will help you maintain control of your personal branding (maybe even a skill set that will transfer to self headshot and showreel pimpage?). Once you have set up, your site maintenance is easy, as you add new credits and new media.

If you want to develop a following, the new media landscape is vast and plentiful.

Be creative.

Ask yourself: Anyone can set up a Facebook page and ask all their friends to follow them, what do you have to offer the world of acting?
Do you really need a Facebook page and why? How can you transfer your creative energy into your personal branding in the digital space?

To be clear, I completely respect the actor’s need for a facebook page. I felt that Will had some great points and his business account is a great example of a profile done well. I ask you as an emerging actor, to think critically about your self promotional needs.

Do you have a Facebook page that has expanded you career? Have you found other online platforms more useful?

Leave a comment or get in touch and let me know!



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