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One Minute Movie Expectations: Magnificent Seven

Welcome to my new series of
One Minute Movie Expectations

In this series I will briefly describe what I’m expecting from a movie based on the marketing around the film (personal biases included).

One Minute Movie Expectations: Magnificent Seven from Claire Frost on Vimeo.


Magnificent Seven is coming and I’m so excited! So they don’t have much marketing outside of the trailer, and the trailer is FREAKING cool!

It’s got an all star cast and it’s really exciting. So they still have Instagram and Twitter, but they’re not providing any extra content outside of what’s already been shown in the trailer. But it’s important to have those hubs so that the community can go to these platforms and still engage with it. So it’s cool that they have those platforms, but they’re not actually adding anything extra to it.

But they don’t need to, because they’ve got Chris Pratt. They’ve got Denzel, I should’ve said Denzel first because he’s the coolest and he’s really cool. We’ve got D’Onofrio who’s like a bear guy, and he’s so cool. And then we’ve got Sarsgaard. Guys, Peter Sarsgaard, have you seen him being all… grrr.

Anyway, it’s really cool and I’m just expecting guns and and action and really fun things. I haven’t seen the original but I don’t feel like I need to in order to really get that full excitement from what’s coming.

Based on the marketing and advertising, what were you expecting from Magnificent Seven?

Leave a comment or get in touch and let me know!



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